Volume in drive C is ST251
 Volume Serial Number is 3634-08EF
 Directory of C:\IBM-PC.SE\DRIVERS

. <DIR>
.. <DIR>
DOS <DIR> 08-09-11 12:00a A Variety Of Useful DOS Drivers - CDROM, USB, SCSI, ETC
CDROM <DIR> 06-03-12 12:00a CD-ROM Drivers
HDD <DIR> 03-05-12 12:00a HDD Drivers
MEMORY <DIR> 10-14-11 12:00a Memory Drivers For A Few Different Cards
OTHER <DIR> 11-21-11 12:00a Other Drivers For Peripherals
PEN <DIR> 10-10-12 12:00a Pen Drivers
SCSI <DIR> 03-04-12 12:00a SCSI Drivers
UNSORTED <DIR> 10-31-12 12:00a Directories of Unsorted Stuff
VIDEO <DIR> 03-03-12 12:00a Video Drivers
                     9 file(s)          0 bytes
                                      19,593,216 bytes free